About Us

Zogur is a technology driven, high end solution provider for all your retail concerns. With an ultimate aim of bringing in a revolution in the retail world, our team of engineers constantly strive to develop innovative products with surpassing features for automating the retail operations. Going in line with latest trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytical designing; we deploy every possible technology to deliver the best at every realm of retail business

Zogur’s POS guarantees quickest day to day sales management, ensuring safe data storage and accessibility with the most sophisticated cloud based POS software that comes with multiple device compatibility and easy installation process.

Being an initiative by a group of industry experts, we ensure the best in class POS experience and maintain quality standards par excellence.

Foreseeing business opportunities and challenges, by carefully analysing business nature, past history and current trends, Zogur design and develop solutions that perfectly fits your business requirements. Our industry experts are currently involved in developing sophisticated features, to give your customers a “WoW’ experience, every time they contact you. Exploiting every possibility of latest technologies, we are working to digitally enhance your store and warehouse management operations. Counter less retail stores are yet another initiative soon to be actualised.

Zogur has been incredibly effective to visualise our own performance in real time and be able to coordinate our work effectively.

- Catherine Nichols, CEO


Create a fully automated retail sales management platform to augment sales and grow the network with world’s best retailers by delivering the peak of customer satisfaction at every point.


To become an ultimate name for retail business automation by providing high end technology delights right from sales operation to inventory management and to sales forecasting.

What Customers Say

We love working all size businesses to make the sale process flow less. Get started with Zogur today toe experience the new difference.